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      Detergent powder Laundry Soap Bath Soap Liquid detergent Hand soap Shampoo Shower gel Dishwashing Liquid Plastic products Epsom salt The room clean Langqiao
      1. Miss Xue
        m_xuer@sina.com SKYPE ID:m_xuer
      2. Mr. Zhou
      3. Miss Pang
        yan_yatai1@aliyun.com SKYPE ID:wendypang
      More Information:
      Item Name:
      Detergent powder/washing powder/laundry detergent
      Our detergent powder has a compound formulation combining a unique functional surfactant and a softening agent. The fragrance will enter into the clothes' s fabric, and keep long time, Non-phosphorus formulation and biological enzyme, not only remove the stubborn stain, but also prevent return of the stains, the formulation could protect the bright color of clothes, make the clothes more white and bright, make the clothes looks as new, no damage to the clothes.
      1. Strong cleaning power and remove stains quickly
      2. Different foam, high or low as per buyer’ requirement
      3. Different density, High or low as per buyer’ requirement
      4. Different percentage perfume, Strong or mild as per buyer’ requirement
      5. With or without blue speckles
      6. Harmless to fabric and user health
      7. Different package as per buyer’s requirement
      8. Suitable for hand and machine washing
      9. OEM is Welcome