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      Detergent powder Laundry Soap Bath Soap Liquid detergent Hand soap Shampoo Shower gel Dishwashing Liquid Plastic products Epsom salt The room clean Langqiao
      1. Miss Xue
        m_xuer@sina.com SKYPE ID:m_xuer
      2. Mr. Zhou
      3. Miss Pang
        yan_yatai1@aliyun.com SKYPE ID:wendypang
      More Information:
      1. The hand soap contains natural herbal essence, surfactant, natural moisture-keeping factor and many kinds of vitamin, it can remove dirt effectively and is mild to the hands. It offers deep moisture to your hands, won’t have any irritant and toxic side effect and is easy to be washed out.
      2. It is suitable for daily and traveling use.
      3. The package, color and fragrance as the per buyer’s requirements
      4. OEM is welcome.