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      Detergent powder Laundry Soap Bath Soap Liquid detergent Hand soap Shampoo Shower gel Dishwashing Liquid Plastic products Epsom salt The room clean Langqiao
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      More Information:
      Item name: Liquid detergent
      The Liquid detergent is usually divided into the fabric using detergent, hard surface cleaning agents and personal hygiene cleaning agent. A hard surface cleaning agent is a large class of detergent, according to application object points.
      1. Using water-saving new materials, adding anionic, nonionic, high-performance surface-active agent, phosphate-free detergents, etc. are made to help.
      2. High content of active ingredients, a variety of fabrics to remove stubborn dirt, laundry, supple once completed, skin care not to hurt the hand.
      3.The package, color and fragrance as the per buyer's requirements
      4. OEM is welcome